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In the midst of pandemic,
The hardest part, my heart was torn apart
If a single capsule of Mefenamic Acid
Could ease the pain, believe in me
I’ll die first before I can find the relief
Maybe I need more than overdozage

Physically marked safe as of now
But inside was a different story
Hampered emotionally, Isolated and locked
Far from expectation, aside from the virus
I had a bigger foe, not you but myself

I still remembered our sweet memories
Those awesome adventures captured by my camera
Scrolling up and down, looked like heaven
But In the end, it became hell , so fresh
It exposed how weak am I in this situation

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Once, you were my rose but I thanked you
For the thorns and woes that I touched
No doubt, but deeply I want to get rid from this one
Being broken was more than a nightmare
It was so easy for you to leave me suddenly

Shallow and manageable reasons
Misunderstandings turned into bombs
In exchange of our cherishable memories
Pride over efforts,so unfair you loved me truly
But you couldn’t accept my worst side

For these following days and so on
I must be stronger than before
Knowing that I’ll wake up without you
An intangible scar during pandemic
Social distancing was also meant for our hearts

In fact, I wasn’t informed
Forgetting you will be a part of
My new normal life,
I hope one day , I can move on
But it will take a long journey and time

Why you left me during the pandemic?
Di pa ba ako sapat?

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