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First of all, we’re friends since HS and we both valued our friendship more than anything else.

He’s the type of person I could talk to about anything. About my dramas and all. Ganun din naman sya sakin, I assume haha. In short, we’re comfortable with each other.

Yes we tried. Not just once, twice but thrice. But we both know na pag pinilit pa namin, everything we have is at stake.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

We parted ways for the third time na malinaw samin lahat.

However, as much as we tried to push each other away mas nahihirapan lang kami. It didn’t worked.

Maybe because we cared too much? We don’t know.

Then one day. We had this serious conversation.

We’re both asking why it didn’t worked the way we want it to? And we’re both speechless.

Days and months have passed. We’re both ready to answer that question.

We dropped the idea of having a romantic affair. We end things the way we could handle it better. How? As friends. We’re better off as friends. Yes we do.

He’s one of the few people who knows me at my best and even at my worst.

I’m always thankful of having him.

And now. Tadaa! We’re still happy.

He’s in a relationship right now and his partner understands, thanks girl.

Me? I’m open for suitors. Jk! I’m not yet ready, maybe in the near future. Who knows? Haha

What’s important is. We’re both happy 😊

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