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I’m not a fan of writing or sending letters but this is just a way for me to express what i’m going thru right now..

Our relationship is complicated to begin with. I know we are not in the position to express our true feelings with all the people around us because of the situation you are in. You hoped for a better partner that will walk you in the aile, no lies, no cheating, just pure love.. someone that will take care of you till the end of your thread. I may not be the ideal person yet but if you really need one, I’m almost there. You felt it, you experienced it, and it changes you from the drained one to a fully charged one. But you chose to stick with the one who drained you and hurt you the most. We tried to work things out but the situation and attachment is so deep that your happiness is not enough to overcome it. I really hoped that your decission is right.. and i also hoped that this time around.. this person who hurt you before won’t do the same thing again.

People like us come and go, we dont normally stick around as we are also human.. we have feelings too.. we feel pain too.. it hurts also.. but if this will make you happy.. we are in no position to block that opportunity for you as that is also our goal in the first place.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I hope that you’ll be the happiest on this decision.. no regrets in my end as i really tried and remained defeated.

But i’m not giving up. I respected your decision for the purpose of making sure that when our time comes back.. you and i can shout to the whole world how we truly love each other.

I’m not gonna be a sore loser on this as i really want you to be happy in the first place, and if this will make that happen then you have all my support on it.

I’ll stay here, keep my promise, no matter what happens, my heart still belongs to you.

As i always say “message me or call me anytime”


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