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I have seen a lot of failed relationships, including my own, and the moment you step out of it, people then expect you to find a replacement to validate that you have indeed moved on. But no, that’s not always the case. We have different coping mechanisms. What works best for you might not work for another person. Grieve. Cry it all out. But never lose faith in love. Truth is, there isn’t any timeline that can tell us when we will fully heal. Some people take days, weeks, months, or even years. I know a lot who have been separated from their exes for years yet they still long for the person. I have also seen some who gets their new bae a few days right after ending a relationship with someone. We just can’t tell. You can’t tell either. I can’t too.

Nothing is certain. Humans, as we are, and sad as it may be, we can’t predict what will happen. We can’t say we’d feel the same tomorrow. We also can’t tell if the other person feels the same way too. We can only anticipate it because loving is a choice. It needs a conscious effort to sustain it. You must choose to love every single day, always, with the same person. That’s how it works.

When a relationship ends, it is a blessing in disguise. Why? Because it will lead you to another person. Someone better. Someone whose choice is none other than you. Someone who’d look at you in the eye with love you can never fathom. Someone you’d find yourself falling deeper in love with every time. That person will make you realize why your previous relationships never worked out.

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I hope we all find that person. Prepare for what’s in store for you because your uncertainties today will someday become tomorrow’s victory.

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