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You Got Rejected? It’s Okay.


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

She needed to graduate first.
She’s in love with someone else.
She looks at you as a friend.
She looks at you as her brother.
She isn’t looking for a serious relationship.
She has high standards.
She didn’t find you attractive.
She chooses career over relationships.
She got scared because your feelings are too strong.
She’s waiting for something that will amaze her that she never saw in you.
She just got out of a serious and long term relationship.
She has a family who needs her the most.
She’s looking for someone simple.
She saw you talking with someone else.
She’s waiting for that godly man whom she has been praying for all her life and you didn’t even know God or couldn’t even pray to God.

Maybe you made her the side chick or made some other girl one. Maybe you lack confidence. Maybe you’re not financially stable. Maybe you didn’t love your mother well before you treated her better. Maybe you’re still too young, or old. Maybe you’re confusing ‘love’ and ‘infatuation’ as the same thing. Maybe you’re just lusting over her. Maybe you have mother issues. Maybe you just like her because she’s beautiful. Maybe your intentions are unclear. Maybe you didn’t give her a label. Maybe you’re pursuing a lot of other women at the same time. Maybe you’re good-looking, smart, talented, and successful but all she needed was a man whom she can sing her praises to God with.

Whatever the reason is, you needed to experience rejection. You needed to realize that both of you are imperfect human beings. Don’t blame her for rejecting you after you gave her something/everything because a good woman knows her worth and she knows that she has to guard her heart well. You could either be the best thing that could ever happen to her or the one that will make her life miserable. Always look forward to corrections in yourself because your weaknesses could easily become your strengths if you let God change you.

Be that man who would want to do better, someone who always tries his best at everything as if everything is for God. Be a man who would pray first before attempting to pursue someone. Be a man who checks the intention of his heart before pursuing someone. Be a man of values. Be a man of humility. Be a man who has hopes and dreams about the future. Be a husband material kind of man, not just a boyfriend material. (tip) Be a man after God’s own heart.

Hindi lang babae dapat ang iniingatan at may halaga, may halaga rin ang mga lalaki 😉

Don’t disqualify your promise by choosing the wrong priorities. Maybe you have to stop doing some things that hinder you to be a better person? There will always be someone better, so make sure that you pursue God’s best. You need to face those reasons why she rejected you and use it to be better. Malay mo, sya pala yung nagkamali tsk tsk. Don’t forget to love and respect yourself too, give yourself the space you need to grow and pray as you prepare yourself because the best is yet to come. Strive that you’ll be your own kind of ideal man.

Always choose to understand that all that’s happening in your life is a part of a master plan. Maybe not now, not her, not this time. But always choose to believe that God has someone prepared for you. Happiness and freedom is your choice.

Loving someone unconditionally is the purest love you can offer someone. Never forget your first love in Christ ✝️ He will always bless you anything/anyone you need more than you could ever ask and imagine.

Guard your heart ❤️

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