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1. Between you and the right person stands a line of wrong people.

2. People will always leave you, but darling, it doesn’t mean it is your fault.

3. Some things will never work for your favor, no matter how much effort you put on it.

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4. Love is not the only thing you need but the essential things that go along with it – trust, patience, understanding, humility, etc.

5. The love you are giving away will eventually find its way back to you, in the most unexpected and magical ways possible.

6. Don’t forget to have quality time for yourself. After all, at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got. So take good care of your inner being.

7. Remind yourself that there are far better things ahead of you than what you left behind. So, keep walking and never look back.

8. Don’t try to please people. Don’t try to win their approval. Just be genuinely you, without putting your best foot forward, without wearing the best sleeves on your shoulders.

9. Someone who really wants you will make the effort. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You don’t have to remind them of that.

10. Your heart will break, will bend, will wear out to pieces, will be scattered but what’s left amazing is that it continues to love regardless, despite and in spite of.

12. You are not wrong about trusting people. They just proved that they aren’t the ones who deserve to be trusted.

13. Maybe it is your turn to give yourself the time you are always trying to give out to someone else, the time you’re always making for people you thought was worth it, the time you had to sacrifice for people you thought would do the same in return.

14. You will learn that you are fine even if you don’t get a hand to hold. You can be genuinely happy even without someone whom you can hug in the middle of the night.

15. Those whom we chase are not ours to hold.

16. Our hearts break in different ways, by different people who pretend to love us differently.

17. You’ll endure a lot of pain, you’ll bear a lot of heaviness within, and you’ll carry pieces of yourself altogether. But at the end of the day, knowing your strength within is a self-breakthrough, and it is really amazing.

18. But no matter how hard it is that you’ve been through, here you are bravely choosing to fight for the uncertainties of life.

19. Keep in mind that your heart is strong and it will never get tired of putting itself back whole. Your heart believes in you, so should you.

20. Life will consist mostly of letting go. So let go of those toxic people, toxic relationships that don’t help you grow, don’t help you heal.

21. The best revenge will always be genuine happiness and peace of mind.

22. You would always want answers, you always want to know what is and you always want to find clarity but you know, things like this aren’t made easy. So learn to rest too, learn to pause, learn to stop by for a moment.

23. Life is a never-ending lesson. No matter how much you have learned in the past, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn anymore. Life can teach more to you through pain, letting go, brokenness, happiness, excitement, and a lot more.

24. Don’t go looking for love. Love will find you when it’s time, so never lose faith. Your time will come soon.

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25. You are an extraordinary human being, you are rare, you are special. Never forget that.

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