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There was no sun as we began our trail and dark clouds hovered above us.

As I ascend, there was no cool breeze and no soft whisper of the wind. Deep heavy breaths heard as the trail was getting steeper and difficult. Each step was carefully made.

And then a thought hit me. Climbing a mountain was like falling in love. As you take each steps, there are times when we are unsure if we should continue or not. Are we willing to risk and see the beauty?

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As I continued the hike I began to see the summit and it was breathtaking. Amidst the difficult trail a beauty beyond my imagination flashed in front of my eyes. The beauty I was willing to see again. But as time passed by it was time for me to go down.

I didn’t expext that there will be a time, the beauty that I saw was not meant for me anymore. My steps as I go down was extremely difficult. I couldn’t bring myself to admit it. That I am hurt and afraid of the next steps that I should take. How long would I feel this way? When will I be okay?

But as the trail gets difficult, I realized it’s okay to not be okay. Healing is not calculated it is beautifully experienced.

He may have forgotten you, he might have moved on quickly. Let him be. Maybe he took the easiest trail to see the beauty. But you are you, treasure the hardships, embrace the pain and see again the beauty that would last a lifetime.

Climbing a mountain is like a love found and a love lost. Akyat, baba.

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