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Ecclesiastes 3:11

“He has made all things beautiful in its time…”

Please note that these are my personal learnings that I would just like to share. You may not agree with all of these, but I hope that you can also learn something.

My life’s journey has been very hard especially last year when I went through a very serious and painful heartbreak. Like you maybe, there was also a point in my life when I have hit rock bottom. But I am still thankful to God for all the learnings. These made me a better, stronger and more passionate person.

So these are the 3 things that heartbreaks (in all forms) have taught me…

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

  1. I am truly loved. Weird no? Pero you know what, because of heartbreak, na learn ko na marami pala ang nagmamahal sa akin. Minsan kasi when we are in a relationship, umiikot lang ang mundo natin sa partner natin. Akala natin if mawawala na siya sa atin, guguho na ang mundo natin. God has proved me wrong. Minsan pala ang heartbreak ay way din ni Lord na ireveal sa atin kung sino talaga ang mga tao who truly love us and truly care for us. It is God’s way to remind us that we have been blessed with a very supportive and loving family. We have genuine friends who can cry with us and who can pray for us and we have a big God who would comfort us and would never leave us. They are with us all this time. These are the people who would stick with us through thick and thin. So let us be grateful and keep them.
  2. I am called for something better. There was one friend who once told me na, “You know what, sinagot lang ni Lord ang prayer mo. You’ve been praying for the best diba, and nakita ni Lord na hindi siya ang best for you so that’s why He has allowed it to happen.” And she was right. Mas lalo kong na appreciate ang ways and plans ni Lord kahit minsan masakit. This does not mean na masama na ang mga taong nanakit sa atin, it’s just that na hindi sila ang pinili ni Lord for us. Mas iba ang plan ni Lord for us and we have to believe Him. God will always bring us back to His original purpose. Minsan naliligaw tayo, but God loves us so much na aakayin Niya pa rin tayo pabalik. God’s plan is still the best. Hindi man natin to ma appreciate agad agad but darating ang araw na makakapagsabi tayo na “Now I know why it all happened.” And we will be happy and grateful.
  3. I am capable of loving someone again. Akala ko kasi noon after what happened, I will never ever consider loving someone again pero mali pala. One Pastor told me na “You should not limit what God can do to your life. Your heartbreak was done. You have learned your lesson but do not close your heart. God has a better plan for you. Far better than You could ever imagine. God will surely bring new people to your life and they will be a blessing to you just like you will be like to them. But this time be wiser and be more careful. Wait and let God take over.”

Like me, maybe you have been through a similar situation before or is currently undergoing a heartbreak, but please hear me out. Stand up and go on. Hindi ka nag iisa. And believe me, makakaya mo yan. We all have learned our lessons, sometimes the hardest way, pero our God is faithful and gracious. You will overcome. You will rise up stronger and better. If nakaya ko, kakayanin mo rin.

Today I am just enjoying my season of waiting and praying, no more rushing kasi nga raw lahat ng nagmamadali mas lalong nagkakamali. I am taking my time slowly. Enjoying the love and affection of my family and friends. One day, if God permits, baka meron nga talaga si Lord na nilaan for me. Hindi ko alam. But I am confident na kahit anong season ang ibigay ni Lord sakin, He will provide and He will enable me.

So girl stand up! You are healed and restored! The world is waiting for your strongest comeback!



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