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I will really stop loving you.
I will not even look at you.
I will not talk to you if not needed.
I will be cold towards you because that’s what you want me to do.
I will not react if they tease me to you.
You want this cold treatment,
Then I’ll gladly give it to you.
This is a promise.
I will not stop until I’m over you.
Your nobody to me now.
Hindi ka kawalan.
Maraming iba dyan
I’ll only be civil to you.
I will give myself a chance to find someone but not you.
Your not meant for me.
We’re just meant to meet.
Be friends for awhile then be just aquaintances.
Your not even handsome.
Not even a boyfriend material.
I will just endure for a month.
Then you will be gone in my eyes.
You’ll have your own path.
I’ll have mine.
I’ll be an engineer too.
I’ll promise that I’ll be as good as you.

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