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I am sorry dear but just this time I have to give up the love I feel for you. I have to stop imagining the two of us somewhere out there glorifying His name and crying our hearts out in worship. I have to suppress all my emotions in bursting all of a sudden and awakening love in the wrong season. You are the most beautiful woman in my life but just this time I have to close my eyes and look away from you. I love you, I really do. And also, I love Him more. Do not get the wrong idea that you are not worth it nor worth the pursuit. Because honestly, you are promised to have all the marvelous things life has to offer. Let God decide, for I already settled my heart and surrendered my will according to His plans. I have already decided to dedicate my life in making the gospel be heard in the whole world. He has made everything beautiful in its time. So when the time is right, I’ll come back to you. But for now, I have to fulfill my purpose in this world. I am not asking you to wait for me but to be honest, I hope you do. I love you; and this is good bye; for now, my warrior princess.

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