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If you could go back to exactly this time, yesterday, what would you do? Would you do the same things you did or would you have done something better? The thing is, this minute yesterday, and this minute today, will be the same thing tomorrow-time that you won’t be able to get back. Today, at this minute, is your right now. How are you spending it?


The idea of “it’s too late” and of “at a better time” makes us waste of the time we have right now. You’re not going to get any younger than you are now. Things are not going to get earlier or later than it is now. So what you do with the time you have in your hands at this moment will be recorded in your history forever. Would you waste it on something useless? On something unproductive? On doubting yourself? On regretting the times you just let slip off your hands and on wishing for a time that has not come yet? Well, you shouldn’t.

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What matters in your life is today, right now. We always want to make things better, be happier, pursue our dreams and passion, improve ourselves, but none of it is happening. None of it has happened yet. We always want, but we never do. You wanted to do things in the past and now you regret not doing it. Are you just going to let your regrets paralyze you? Stop thinking of all the time you’ve wasted, you’re just going to do it all over again, and it’s just going to be a cycle. Break from it and start now. You want to be better and pursue the things that you love but you’re waiting for a better timing? What is better timing, anyway? When you’re a little older? When you’re earning more? When you finally meet someone? There’s no such thing as better timing. There is only now. The more time you spend on waiting on something that is unsure, unknown, and unpredictable, the more time and chances you waste.


Life isn’t going to start in the future. It sure isn’t going to start with you living in your past. Your life is happening right now, and right now is the only time you can control. Why not use it in doing things that matters to you, things that will make you better, the things that make you happy, or the things that you’re passionate about? Why don’t you start at this very minute instead?  Close your eyes and connect with your inner-self. Think of the things that sets fire inside you. What are those? Start simple, start at anything, really. Search for inspiration on books, online, or from the people you know. Work on it little by little. Give time to it more than you give time to pleasures that just make you procrastinate (hello social media!). Don’t deny what matters to you the time it needs. Be patient, and work hard for it. Know that it’s not going to be easy, doubts will come and cloud your head, distractions will still present itself to you, but you don’t have to make any excuses out of them again. Focus, and remember how precious the present is- it’s something you won’t be able to get back when it’s gone, and something you won’t be able to find again in the future.

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