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Felt extremely unfortunate to say this words many times like ending the relationship, but recently circumstances made me used this words. I now have the clarity of realizations that we cannot continue the things that we used to do. I think that in our time were not aware of the limitations of our friendships.
When i sensed that for me my feelings and emotions are more important while for you being practical matters most and we cannot make any compromises with any aims in life. So i decided to end this officially /unofficially relationship. Go pursuit your dreams in the cloud and i will lead my way.
I have spent some of the most sweetest moment with you. I had some of the most beautiful experienced of my life with you. Hearing your story the way you helped others in the past makes me feel proud of you, but these traits are not enough for us to lead a safe and comfortable relationship.
I will keep in touch with you but just a normal friend. I may not love you the way i used to,but i think a part of me will always care for you. I’ll alway want you to be happy, even if it makes me sad in the process. I always smile when i see pictures of us even If its also makes me a little bitter, and always love the memories that i have of us.
I dont know how you feel in reading this letter and if ever you hurt in some ways forgive me for my bluntness.


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