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Hi, You may have met me somewhere and I’m glad I found you.

I’ve been running around from places, jobs, to relationships. My heart has been broken, crushed and betrayed a couple of times. I have trust issues and to be honest I’m scared, scared that one day I’ll wake up and someone will tell me that they don’t want me anymore, scared that one day something great will not stay, scared that someone will hurt me again. The list goes on.
Honestly, I’m not the best, but what I do know is that I try my best every time, I give my best and I put actions into my words. I will try to give you all the love in this world, and to give effort everyday. I have my bad sides too, I get cranky when I’m tired and hungry and sleepy, I want cuddles when we sleep, I can’t sleep alone, I’m afraid of the rain, I get bitchy sometimes (hehe), I tend to roll my eyes when I’m annoyed, I’m masungit and mataray sometimes, I answer sarcastically when i get into an argument, I whine about things, and i get annoyed easily sometimes.

But what I really pray is that, hopefully, despite all of my ugly traits, i hope you’ll still see the best in me.

I think that’s what most people ask, that even if they become the worst monster in the universe at that moment, at the end of the day they’ll still have someone who accepts & loves them dearly.
I won’t promise things to you. I can’t say that I won’t be mean and all, there will be times where I’ll say that I’m so tired, I give up, and this is the end, but always know in your heart that I will never be away from you and that you will always have me no matter what I say. Cos I really tend to say things when I’m mad. So sorry in advance (hehe).
I tend to be clingy and dependent on people who are so close to me, so please prepare yourself. 

I don’t want another lesson learned, I want someone who’ll make lifetime an easy peasy word. So I hope that you’re person that I’ve been praying for.

My pride is a big problem, but please stick with me, cos on times when you think that I don’t care that’s the time when I care the most, believe me when I say that I have a soft heart behind my high walls and pride.

Please just love me, Promise. Please, be patient with me.Please have enough patience for a lifetime, Cos when I meet you, I will keep you til the end.

Things may change around us, but this, this commitment will not change through the next days, months and years.
See you soon? Let’s leave that to God’s plan.

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