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Everytime I wake up
I see you around
You are there to give me hugs
You are there to give me kisses
You hold my hand so tight
And smile so bright.

You treated me like a real princess
And filled my heart with happiness.
I’ve never felt like this before
I’d never know you will catch me in the dark shore.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I fall inlove with you everyday
The moment you hold your skateboard and play
I think I’m gonna drown
And I want you to save me by your own.

Before the day ends
You make me feel that I’m always
the luckiest girl
You make me feel that our world seems to twirl
And your promises keeps within.

For all the goodness you have shown
I decided not to like you anymore
Because I think, liking you is not enough
Liking you is not what I want
I want to be with you in the rest of my life
I can’t wait to see ourselves in an aisle
And I can’t wait to pronouce that “My love, I am all yours and you are just mine.”

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