The Bible clearly states that relationship is orchestrated by God. It is God’s idea. Meaning, God is the one who puts people in our lives. He instituted relationship.

In the story of Adam and Eve, Adam was okay even without Eve. He was busy doing what God instructed him to do. Taking good care of the earth and naming every creatures of the earth. He probably realized that there are partners, male and female animals. But he never seek or even ask “Where is my partner?” or “Where is my Ms. Right?” But God, with His infinite mind, thought that it is not good for Adam to be alone, so He created Eve and had given to Adam as his partner.

Relationship is not man’s idea, it is God’s idea. It is not something that we should seek or ask. It is freely given by God WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

The time was right for Adam and Eve. Adam was Eve’s Mr. Right and Eve was Adam’s Ms. Right.

How about in my case, in my current status, can I be considered as a right person for somebody?

Maybe yes. Maybe not yet.
The only person that can answer me is God.

Now that I don’t have the answer yet to this question, I will pursue God all the more. The right and the best relationship that I can acquire in this life, or even afterlife, is my relationship with God.

I should be right with God first, so that I can be right for someone else. I must learn to receive God’s love first so that I can love others too. Because apart from God, I cannot truely love anyone.

(As Ardy Roberto calls it in his book, ‘Real Men are POGI’) I will strive harder to be the right person – to be P-O-G-I in God’s eyes. Pure, Obedient, Gentle and Intense for God.

Just like Job, I will have covenant with my eyes. I will reserve my eyes only for my wife. I will not look to a woman lustfully. I will respect women as my mother, or sister (which so ever that applies)

Just like Jacob, I will serve for my “Rachel”, even if it takes seven years or more. I will do this not because I want to get favor from the Lord, but because it is a practice for me in giving my best to my future wife. I will proactively wait for the appointed time.

And just like A.C. Green, former NBA Player, I will pursue ‘Saved Sex’. Meaning, save the sex for marriage. The only time that I will have sex is when I am married to the woman God had given me.

I will respect and honor my future wife and never lead her to anything that will compromise our relationship with the Lord. I will guard and protect her purity. I will be faithful to her for my God is a faithful God.

I will look forward to our future and build it on the solid ground. Build it with Jesus as our foundation, Scriptures as our guide and God as our center.

More importantly, I will honor God! I will honor God with my body. I will respect this body as it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I will do my best together with the power and strength of Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit, to be the Mr. Right for my Ms. Right.

I commit to God my love story.
He alone has the authority, dominion and power over my life, including my relationship with my future wife. Until all this happen, I trust in the Lord! May God help me.

-Ferdz Orosco Sanchez
(Photo courtesy: Steve Halama)