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I never regret the day that I met you. You have the qualities of a nice guy;kind, caring, God-fearing, sweet and gentleman.
I remember, when we became so close ;we talked almost everyday ,we discussed about our future plans and you even shared pieces of your personal life to me
You simply became part of my everyday.
You are different when we are together.

I shed tears when you suddenly ignored me.
When days and months had passed, then you and I were like strangers.

But,Thank you for the laughter, happy memories,kind gestures and mostly for the countless times that you care,even if it is just for a short while. I appreciate all your efforts and concern especially to those days that I am so down and felt sick.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I will miss your sweet smile, childish behaviour, encouraging advices, how you laugh, how you react on my “not so funny jokes”, your sudden mood swing ,how you tease me, and how you make feel everytime you’re around
I will miss everything about you.

I dont have the chance to say this, but I’m proud of what you have achieved and accomplished.I’m the happiest when all of our past conversations regarding career plans are slowly turning into a reality.

I will pray for your success
and please continue chasing for your dreams.
Know that, I will always be happy for all your future achievements because you were once a friend.

I may not know your reasons why you turn your back on me but whatever it is,I forgave you.To leave and decide not to see you again is too painful.But, I need to do it and close this chapter of my life for me to start over. It took me a while to understand everything, but through God’s grace, I am now in the process of moving on.

May you be the person God designed you to be.

If ever when our paths may cross in the future, I hope we would be able to say “Hello” without hesitations.

I wish you well
Until then, take care always…..

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