The path of true love is not always right.
It does not mean a perfect love.
There are always obstacles and destructions.
But true love is being tested by time and those things.

Eveything in this world has its own perfect timing.
True love means you both know how to wait patiently in the right time.
Know your priorities, and first things first.
Set your goals in life to achieve it and inspire each other.

The obstacles of having true love are;
It is not yet the right time for both of you,
maybe one of you are not yet stable,
Or maybe the man or woman is not yet approved by the parents.

True Love is not always about the matter of two hearts.
You should also be wiser in every decision and be realistic.
You should consider every aspect of each other’s life.
Both of you might commit mistakes and failures,
But learn to forgive each other and charge it to experience to grow.

“True love is a choice of commitment by both sides.
It is indeed accompanied of prayer, trust, honesty, value, respect, faithfulness and God’s word.
Think with your heart and feel with your brain..
You can only find true love in God and from God.
He is the only one who can give you, your one true love.”