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When were the last time you start loving someone and trying to avoid it makes you fall inlove so deep? It is difficult to disregard those feeling when the very first moment you felt the burn inside your chest.

We usually appreciate people who had the most contribution in your life, whether it all affects your way of thinking or sudden made change of your doing. We tend to fall from it. This is our nature to entertain circumtances of all possibility.

The more we entertain ourselves, the more we get into curiousity, the more we avoid our self limitation, open on adventure and accept chances as well mistakes and failure.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

We love to give love. This is satisfying. While the smallest action could be the biggest impact to us, we learn over the times that we need to be cautious, guard, and reasonable. We faced lots of drama, mistakes and failures of others out nowhere but relatable. We put ourselves on that situation, and we started develop instinct. We put ourselves guarded.

But who are you when you’re inloved?

I don’t understand why I need to see her everyday, talk to her and spend couple of hours hearing her stories. I don’t understand why I need to treat her some snack. I don’t understand why I need to spend my allowance just to see her smile.

Why she give me smile, why I need it the most, when its not the necessity at all. Why I need to message her, say good morning and say goodnight. Why do i need to wait her reply and snob the rest of all.

Why I get offended, why need to be jealous, why i need to demand time and be a priority.

Why do i need to act crazy, awkward and trying hard. Who are you to me.

And we put ourselves in the corner. questioning every motives and action, Why do I need to, when you continue to learn your purpose, you’re asking for possibilities, seeing the difficulties and hear out negativity. The more you understand. At the end, you cannot avoid your feeling, you cannot stop loving this person, no matter what your decision. No matter what her decision.

This is the version of us, yes! we love to be loved but our nature is to give love. We find love anywhere, anything and anyone but until you can’t find it, you can’t free yourself to continue loving yesterday.

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