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We tried to Isolate ourselves from people and didn’t meddle with their businesses.
We once enclosed ourselves in our own space to protect us from the chaos and the hurt.
We act tough and all mighty but we are too vulnerable.
We were okay. Not happy but okay.
We said never again but we did otherwise.
Suddenly, the wall you built slowly breaks.
You let them in again.
You let them take away what was left of you.
You let your guard down and gave away your trust so easily.
You want love, so love you give away.
It was a battle between your sanity and emotions, to give in or not, to love or to die.
And you chose love despite the many signals life has warned you about.
You want to feel whole again.
You want to experience how to be happy again.
It was maddening and sick to be the only one left of the herd.
You give all that you’ve had and they took what you give. (The irony of life)
Yet there they go again.
You got shot in an instant.
Leaving you behind, ghosted you, left you broken, heart scattered everywhere.
You wanted to hurt them, curse at them, cry but not a single tear fell.
You chose what’s the easiest thing AGAIN.
To hide behind the walls and isolate yourself AGAIN.
And this time you mean it.
Or so I hope.

—- wendy

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