To The Right Woman For Me


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If by any chance that the right time for us will come one of these days, I won’t mind seeing you far from the best that you could be.

I will take care of you, even if you’re a mess. When you get tired of doing your hair, drawing your eyebrows, maintaining a summer body, hiding your pimples, or even putting lipstick on before going out in public. I don’t mind if I’ll see you with your untied hand-comb hair, undefined eyebrows, chubby cheeks and belly fats, red bumpy face, pale chapped lips, and make me think you’re worse than unappealing. I will love your unfiltered self that you don’t show to everyone.

When you’re frustrated of wearing skirts, dresses, and high heels, of being a prim-and-proper, of mingling with pesky, fake friends, and of letting people dictate what and who you should be. I will be the one cheering you to be the best version of yourself. Go wear that sporting jeans, tees, and sneakers or even laugh out loud with your all-boys gang, and I promise, it will never make me think that you don’t fit into my expectation of a woman.

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When you’re drained of listening to people’s achievements, ambitions, travels, problems, prejudices, and rants because they don’t even want to hear what keeps you awake at midnights. I will sit beside you quietly and restfully as you read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Louisa Alcott’s Little Women, or hearing old school songs on your earbuds full blast, and it will not make me think that you have your own world and you don’t let anyone in. You just want to rest from all the burden of this world. To decompress. To enjoy the little things in life.

When you’re too exhausted of wearing your sweetest smiles to everyone who doesn’t make you really happy. When you’re tired of being soft-spoken when they really deserve rudeness. When I see you frowning, poker-faced or maybe even diss me, and make me think you’re impolite with a bomb about to explode. I will not take your bad days and angry side as your true colors, knowing that moments like this is when you needed me the most. I will be lovingly patient with you, and please do share your burdens with me.

When you get tired of holding back your tears from falling and telling everyone you’re okay. When you cannot conceal your puffy, red eyes with make up and acting as if you had a good night sleep. Moments when I’ll see you with bloodshot and heavy eyes or even crying at the same time, it will never make me think that you’re too emotional, vulnerable, and fragile to handle. I will be your safe space, your shoulder to cry on. Comforting you that everything will be okay.

To my woman, if and when our right time will come one of these days. You might be at your worst self, I promise you, I won’t back out and leave you hanging in our story that has not yet even started. I will look at you like a miracle that I’ve been earnestly praying for.

Even at your worst days,
The Right Man For You

-Mark Acosta

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