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I will pursue you when I finally understand that pursuing you is not like a colorful fairytale where relationship is just a fantasy- full of happiness and beautiful journey. Only then I can say I’m ready if I accept the fact that love is all about maturity.

I will pursue you when I learn how to manage my hormones. It is when my body is calm and my mind is quiet reveal how precious you are to me. Genuine love teaches me that having a relationship with you is a decision not just an emotion.

I will pursue you when I have accepted the fact that the strength of a real man shows when I know how to kneel down for repentance, not during the times when I’m standing up with my own selfish pride. I can only reach your heart when I bow down before you because I know you will pray for me.

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I will pursue you when I decipher that my life should not revolve for a woman like you because you are human created by God and not a world that I should depend on. My life brings more meaning if I know how to extend my life to all people who really care like our real friends, families, yourself and most especially our God. Embracing them while dating with you is more than just a world but a universe shining upon our lives.

I will pursue you when I get a courage to meet your parents personally and ask them for a blessing to be with you. They wish nothing but the best for you. I will seek an advice on how to take care of you so when things go beyond our control I have a wisdom to deal with you. Our minds will be at peace to face the future if we honor their counsel from the beginning.

I will pursue you when I gauge how delicate women’s characters are. Knowing to love you is a reflection on how I value my own mom- that I will do everything to ease her life and bring the most joyful smile whom she deserves. You both are reminders to me that I can truly fulfill my mission in life if I embrace my arms to protect you and using my firsts to control you is a disgrace to my manhood.

I will pursue you when I overcome my physical needs to be with you. One of the noblest gifts that I can present before the altar is our purity. I want you to feel one day that you really deserve to wear a white long gown as you walk down the aisle because you simply deserve it. This may not be easy for us both but it will be a great reward for our marriage if we pass the test of carnal temptations.

I will pursue you when you finally hold my hands and allow me to protect you from sudden misfortunes of this world. I can’t afford to be your knight shining armor who can always be there to shield your fortress. But one thing I can promise that I can be your David who can fight for you no matter how big our challenges are. For our armor is made by confidence from our God.

I will pursue you when I appreciate that through warmth hug and kissing your forehead is much more sweeter than touching your face and kissing your lips. Forming this relationship with you will never be go wrong if I started to respect you inside and out.

I will finally pursue you when I learn that loving you is not because of certain reasons but rather in-spite of uncertain things that may trap my intentions to fight for you. I will be here for you until our season is ready.

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