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I know a person who loves someone dearly
That almost anyone could see and feel it clearly
Except the person who is meant to see
The pure love and care poured to thee

She’s like a flower among the weeds
Blooming and radiant as it attract bees
Taking out every nectar as they please
While it gently sways with the breeze

A beauty that never fails to amaze
So lovely that it gets you on a daze
But beware of that beloved flower
That can’t ever be touched by its owner

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Its soft petals are big and red
Its stem is slender with a slight bend
A slight touch won’t do no harm
A harder one then it would be gone

What does it take to love someone?
To give all you have till there’s nothing left,
To pour out your everything with every step
And to do things with all your best

Until you realize that you did too much
That you loved too much, cared so much
Nourished it with everything you have
Until it bloomed for everyone to see

But just for a moment, for it never lasted, never

How hard is it to love someone
Whom you can’t fully love and care?
For even one wrong move and it would all be gone
And all that would be left for you is
A tear, a broken heart and a withered flower

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