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No label but with feelings. 


Let me introduce myself first, I recently broke up with my 3-year relationship when I met this girl. The reason why I broke up with my ex is because she’s too possessive, our relationship is so toxic, she doesn’t have trust in me, if I decided to go out with friends and whoever I want she doesn’t feel secure, it’s maybe because we are in a LDR. My relationship with my ex didn’t work. Two days after the break up, a friend of mine invited me for lunch then I met this girl. She’s genuine, sincere, sweet and she live by her wits. I automatically like her. Like love at first sight. I had a crush on her right away. Then I learned a lot from her. She’s single for 2 years now, she came from a bad break up, her ex boyfriend cheated on her. She gave up everything for his ex. Everything she can offer as a woman and as a person. She let her ex used her feelings and continue cheating to the point that she can’t take it any more.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


After that day, we went out spend time more often, go out with friends and text each other. I started to have feelings for her. I can’t deny the fact that she also have feelings for me. I just knew it. We went overboard by letting our feelings get escalated and we enter the M.U. stage. We now had an endearment, we calk each other at 2 am. We talked about our favorite books and movies, our embarrassing moments, we started to invest emotions.


It was a roller coaster ride at first, you can feel all the thrill, the excitement, the adrenaline of each moment especially when you learn something new and something common in between. Because of her I forgot about my past relationship. I started to believe that God didn’t make my past relationship a success because He is preparing me to be with a different person that’s meant for me. A deserving woman that was badly hurt, that her cuts was scarred in her face and I am the one to mend it. At least that’s how think of it.


I started to take the next step, I ask for her big “Yes”, I ask her to be my girlfriend and in her hesitation I found my answer. She asked, what if you’re not really in love with me, what if you’re just lonely and I am only a rebound? What if you started to miss your ex, what if I can’t be the girlfriend you want, are you gonna leave me and initiate the break up? What if you’re just confused and you just seek attention? What if.


And there I woke up, what if I really don’t love her? What if I am just broken and I need to heal myself? And after that it started to collapse, she started to build walls, not picking up my calls, she message me but not so often like then. Now I feel empty. Now the M.U. stage is gone and she asked me to figure things out. She’s not willing to risk, she has trust issues, I wanna show her it’s not like that but her answer was I don’t know anymore, give me time and give yourself chance to figure it out.” 

And now we are strangers with a memory. 💔


By : Arr Eii Cii

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