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" To the man whom I will never have, but maybe for now. "
I never knew I would know you
I never knew you’ll be precious to me
I never knew I would hurt you
But I just saved you from the wrong one, and that is me.

The day you came was unexpected
I opened myself, you opened yours
You brought a smile that brightened up my gloomy hours
You showed me love that is beyond what I expected

But as the days passed, your space in my heart became bigger and bigger
And I never knew I would love you either
But I never wanted to hurt you, you are precious you know
So I waved goodbye, my love, maybe for now.

I know someday, someone will love you the way you should be loved
Don’t worry you’ll meet her my love
But for now, you’ll just be like those unreachable stars
I will never be able to have since I still have scars

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