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(the poem of us)

SIMILE- the use of like or as
Like me and you as perfect match
I let you build my trust
and I just wanted a house of it, but
No, a castle is what you’ve made

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Slowly I was falling into the pit
A crater full of lies and deceits
I used to convince myself
If I rest under your shades
I’d sleep well and feel safe
If I have you in my arms
I will always be warm
If I have you
I will only have you
And you will only have me
In our every tomorrow

Too much self-convincing
I forgotten how true love works
I was fooled by my own doubt
I was lied by my own thoughts
I.. It was my fault
I draw my own picture of love
I force everything in my backpack.
When all I can do
is to let things just go

SIMILE- the use of like or as
I say it wasn’t a perfect match
As everything about us turns upside down
When the castle you build turns into tiny sands
When your shades doesn’t keep me safe
When your arms doesn’t give me warm
When having you is like keeping me inside a den.
Turns out, my poems about us is a tale.

Yes I wrote poems about us
And I wish we could stay as every metaphor we used to be
I wrote poems about you but you hate it as much as I love you
I wrote poems, yes
But this time its for me
And I will stay like this until you appreciate my poetry.

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