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Given enough distance make us bump into each other again.

Even though you know I’m bad at directions.

You stated the fact that no matter how lost I am, I can go back to where I should be.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


You have too much faith in me.


Here I am, in the middle way,

Having had numerous years.

Years sort of growing.

Change is constant, I know.

Trying to end some things and learn new things.

A new start in my life, trying to figure out,

But then again make myself a different version of failure.


What is new today? What is out there?

Another newspaper.

A compilation of information day by day

But some are using it just to get the fire started.


So here I am, in the middle of somewhere,

Knowing where I am, but somehow inarticulate

On a war with shabby equipment always crumbling.

Being nullified by undisciplined squads of emotions.


“Things are getting better.

Because one has accepted to learn from failures of yesterday. For the thing one no longer has to say, or the way in which one is no longer disposed to say it,

And so each venture is a new beginning.”


So here I am, in the middle of nowhere,

Not knowing where I am but not lost at the same time.

I found myself being isolated and become numb to such pain as memories of yesterday,

Memory can also be brutal

Because memory is precise.


What is in there?

“What there are things to conquer, by strength and submission,

That has already been discovered once or twice, or several times, By men whom one cannot hope to emulate.”

There is no competition,

There is only the fight to recover what has been lost

And found and lost again and again.


There is such place as haven.

Where my tired body will be soothed from all this pain.

So I rested.


First step seems acceptance without judgement.

That loneliness expresses the pain of being alone,

But solitude expresses the glory of being alone.


“Given enough time will heal a wounded man,

Together with love that has been lost for a while.”


I’m exactly where I should be.


You have too much faith in me.

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