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  1. Meeting new people is the hardest thing we have to do on a daily basis. Believe us, this is ultimately a struggle. It pushes us to our limit to start a new conversation, how can we put up ourselves together so that we are able to cope with societal interactions.


  1. Sorry but parties isn’t our thing. We need to take breaks and recharge after socializing for too long. It is exhausting. Just hearing these five letter word, we can actually feel the draining energy that comes out in our inner bodies. We don’t mean that we don’t like meeting up with friends but most of the time, we just want to savor our quality time with ourselves.


  1. When a friend at a party doesn’t want to leave early, and no one seems to understand our distress. They don’t know how precious our time is when we are at home.


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

  1. Know that sometimes we are not mentally prepared to give you a chat. Talking to phone is tough, seriously. That’s why it’s better when our phone’s in silent mode. It doesn’t mean we avoid getting any calls, but it makes us feel uncomfortable. It is like a scary background music on a horror film. But we appreciate texting, especially long messages, though.


  1. Please understand that heavenly weekends means just merely having a sound trip at home, lying all day at bed, or doze of Netflix. This is also a perfect idea on Friday nights, too. Simple things like this. When we say we have a “busy weekend,” we mean we’ll be busy avoiding human interaction at all ways.


  1. Large crowds suffocate us. We just don’t look forward to being around masses of people. The fact that we are surrounded by a large group of people is very tiring and we are just wishing that we can vanish right there and then and be in a place where there’s only two or three people sitting around, minding their own business. Sometimes, we are really excited to go out, but those good feelings don’t last long enough, honestly.


  1. WE ARE NOT ANTI-SOCIAL. We just don’t get keyed up by people and sometimes it just takes us a little longer to warm up to someone. Don’t get it wrong, we have friends, they are human too.


  1. We choose to get know fewer people on a deeper level. There will always be those ones who will be able to knock down our walls, no matter how high we build it. They are the ones whom we are comfy sharing ourselves with, our secrets, our odd ways, crazy thoughts, and truest emotions. Just two or three in a lifetime, that will do, yes.


  1. Door bells and door knocks are scary. Don’t try to let us get out of the house. There’s no more place for us like our home. There’s an unexplained feeling of happiness and peace when we’re finally sitting down on our sofa, browsing things on the internet while drinking a hot chocolate after long workweek.


  1. Having visitors stay with us is a nightmare, because it means you have to be on at all times (excluding our two-or-three friends here). The feeling of putting up the enthusiasm of seeing them and appreciating their time of dropping by at your place but at the back of our mind, we are actually thinking it could be a lot better if they did not come at all. Sorry!


  1. When people make us feel weird for wanting to do things by ourselves. Dining alone, watching a movie alone, go shopping alone are not a big deal, though.


  1. When people can’t seem to grasp that being in small groups is where you wanted the most. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a preference, I guess? But whatever you call it, we will never exchange being with two or three people unless there’s much at stake.


  1. Truth is, we are great listeners. You can talk all night long and we will never close our eyes not until you are done. We want to hear out hearts of people because it helps us to know them better.


  1. We don’t want to talk about ourselves, honestly. Because we believe that other than ourselves, there are better things we can discuss, we can share. This is because we are not an open book to everyone and curiosities are everywhere.


  1. Introverts are typically empathetic. We are really bothered with small concerns and worries of others. We are the great epitome of putting oneself into the shoes of others. Even if we don’t agree with the other person, we make a good effort to see things from their perspective.


  1. Silence is very pleasing to our inner beings. So don’t get the wrong idea when our social media accounts are deactivated. We just want to stop hearing notifications from time to time. So, we think that can be the greatest idea. We need time to detach ourselves from these things without any valid reasons. We just feel the need to do so. Don’t panic, are accounts are not hacked.


  1. We are not shy, we are just reserved individuals. It’s not because we don’t want to open up that easily, we are just taking our time to go through it. We are just looking for the right timing when to speak up and share our thoughts about certain things. But most of the time we end up not talking but putting it through tweets instead.


  1. Introspective. We have this attitude of looking deeply on the meaning of life. Seriously.

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