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This one is for the man who has been intentional in guarding my heart.

Yes, I know. It is not difficult to know your intentions. I have known you as someone who’s not into mind games in relationship.

Let me take this time to appreciate you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Thank you for creating safe boundaries between us. You don’t want me second guessing any special action you might do if we are so close.

Yet, keeping a distance just far enough to know me more.

Thank you for not bugging my emotions. For not frequently texting, calling, or chatting me. That I might start to wonder, “What are we?”.

Thank you for the genuine friendship. For keeping our talks casual and not “pa-sweet” that I might get confused until you make your intentions clear.

Thank you for respecting my space. For letting me enjoy the season I am in. And not orbiting unless you’re girded up to make a move.

I’ve never felt that you are trying to test the waters. Instead, you are taking this time to grow in our friendship more. And waiting until the timing is right.

So until you are ready to lay down your intentions, I will be waiting and keeping a distance just this far enough.

Even if anything changes and that time doesn’t come, you won’t be a comet that I’d keep chasing to see in my sky.

Because you did great in protecting my heart.

You are the bravest of them all. Well done, Warrior.

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