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   Hi! Yes, you’ve meet me as I am, the result of what I’ve been through from all of my experience in life. Yes, I’m trying to be so good for everyone’s eye but in the end, I know, I’m really not. Well, first, thank you for accepting me because even If I’m not good, you’re there, you made me fee like I’m still “THE GIRL” that I should be before meeting you, coz I know that I’m not already, I should be the best, the other boys “Ideal Girl” and other girls “dreamed to be”, but I lost them in the past. I destroyed myself for fighting that I can find the love that I want earlier than it should be, I destroyed myself I prepared for you because I was fooled by people acted that they we’re you, I destroyed myself because I believed a lot of promises that I thought will be the way for me to find you earlier than it should be, I lost a lot of “Me”, but it’s not only that they and I destroyed myself, I also learned. I learned to be more patient to wait for you and God’s perfect time rather than insisting that you should come earlier, I learned to be stronger to face all the the path, plain or rough, that leads me to you, I learned to get out from vulnerability, I shield myself from people who planned to imitate you again and will fool me again, I learned to love myself even more that I can be happy alone, while waiting for our perfect time, I also learned to have conviction, that once I set my standards about you, I should follow it, not letting others to make me feel forget about that standards again, coz I know this is the only protection you can give me while waiting for you. And look, we did it, I found the right way where you’re also there and waiting for our path to cross, I deeply know in my heart that it’s God who made this happen, because after I destroyed myself, I come to Him, throw everything to Him and trust Him that He will help me fix myself and everything again, and so you did. And now we’re here, I will promise you that even I lost a lot of myself, I will do my best to rise up and cover all the lost, by being the girl you prayed for, the girl whom you imagined to be with forever, Thank you so much for making me feel like I’m still perfect for you and Thank God I found you, we will make all things between us worth it, we will be a TEAM. ❤️

(Just so you know, I don’t have this BOY yet 😅, I was a girl from a lot of failed relationships, and what a coincidence because everyone cheated on me, but not like the other girls, I still believe in Love, that someone will come and cover all bad things Ive been thru in being in love, and I know only God can make this happen, so now I stop following my own timing and started to believe in His perfect timing 😊)


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