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In between your sip of coffee, you suddenly asked me, “So why Him?”

I indulged in your question and answered you shortly.

I want a love like His.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

What do you mean? You mean perfection? You asked again.

No. I am fully aware of imperfections, that’s the very reason why I am into loving like His.

A Love that is a CHOICE.

That the enemy is the argument, not either of us. That we will choose each other rather than winning the battle. I will choose to respect and submit, and you will choose to lead us closer to Him. That we will still choose each other when we can’t even find a reason to choose our own self. We will choose to trust and be enstrusted by Him. We will choose to always go back to His love so that no matter what happen each day, we’ll have the strength to choose and love each other again.

A Love that STAYS.

Even in the days we feel like we don’t love each other anymore. When the gushy feeling no longer melts our hearts. When I can’t bring back the smile in your face because I am a big horrible irritation in your sight. When I am being emotional or get to misbehave. When I fail to submit or try to take the lead. When I disagree. When you forget our special dates. When you fail to meet up with me because you’re busy. When you don’t remember my favorites. When it hurts, especially when it hurts.

A Love that brings GROWTH.

We will be each other’s Challenger! His grace is sufficient to make us understand and accept our differences and shortcomings. But we will never make it as an excuse to pursue the best version He wants us to reach. Even if it means dying to our own selves. I promise that I will support you to wherever He calls you. As much as we can accept each other, the more that we will bring out the best and work out the worst in us.

A Love that is rooted in HIM.

Unless we are satisfied and secured in His love, we will never find peace in our relationship.

And my greatest desire is to be that woman who will love people like His love for them.

Love that is a CHOICE.

Love that STAYS.

Love that brings GROWTH.

I know I can never go wrong with this, because it was greatly demonstrated by Him.


A love like His.

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