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As we continue to live our lives, it is very important to ask yourself three important questions that will help us to focus on the things that matters:

  1. Is Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior? When we say Lord it means that HE is the Master of everything in our life. That whatever we do, we do it to please Him. Savior on the other hand means that despite our sins and flaws, we were redeemed 2000 years ago at the cross. That Jesus died for His love for us. That’s the reason why we could love because He first loves us.

  1. What is your purpose in life? Purpose means the reason why we do certain things. It is also connected to our goals. Achieving our goals in life makes us feel happy and satisfied. But is that really the end of it? If Jesus Christ showed us the Greatest Love that anyone in human history could ever known, is it more fulfilling to share this love to others?

  1. Are we looking for someone that loves Jesus Christ above anyone else? Someone that surrendered his/her life to Him? We are design to love and to be loved. But as we look for someone to be a “suitable mate” or someone that we want to experience love,  may we rest in God’s love first since His love never fails.



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These are the things that matters.

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