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Get a man who will send you non-stop messages just to make you feel important.
A man who will say you’re beautiful even when you sent him a messy photos of yours.
A man who will make you happy and who will help you grow.
A man who will cross a thousand miles just to keep you company.
A man who will not only pursue you but give you all his sincerity.
A man who will introduce you not only to his parents but also to God.
A man who is proud to have you despite all of your flaws and imperfections.
Oh! Let me rephrase my first word darling! Don’t get a man, wait for a man that proves everything. A man who you need, not who you want. Surely, he’ll love you as how God loves you because God will give you a man who can handle you, despite of who you are and what you are.

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