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I have to admit, it was worth a try
We almost had it but the feelings were not enough
We were so close to falling but we simply did not
I tried to be sweet and you tried to be gentle but baby, we simply couldn’t make it real

When you came into my life I thought I knew,
There was something in you that could have made it true
You bridged the gap between the things I had and the things I desired to have
If only there was hope, less expectations, worries and fears, baby, it could have been love

You were the answer to some “why’s” but please tell me right now
If only things were different, simpler back then,
I could have made you smile, could have made it all worthwhile
But now, why is there only sadness? If only I was careful, perhaps, we could have made it work

Now, I guess it is time to say goodbye
Only God knows how we can end a song that never started
A sweet, slow love song we once wished we could sing forever
Maybe when the right time comes that the wrong becomes right, hate becomes love, worries become promises
Maybe, just maybe, we can try to fall in love again

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