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I am not easy to love

You may say that I am a damsel in distress;

A collection of paradoxes; a chaos

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I came with warning signs; with red flags

Slightly damaged; slightly used but still functioning

It’s been years since that magical feeling knocked on my door

They call it love

I did not expect it to pay a visit again

Of course I wasn’t ready for it,

I won’t deny that I am not longing for it and there’s a part of me willing to take a risk

Few have tried to enter the walls I built but no one was worth it

No one was ready for the long ride; for the commitment

And then there you are

I did not notice you at first

I did not feel anything special

You’re just my normal guy friend

But one day it changed

I started seeing you as more than that

I started imagining of an “us”

But you were hesitant; in denial

You were not ready

You were thinking of our friendship

You were scared it won’t work out

But one day everything felt different

We started having conversations not a normal friendship would have

Days passed and our friendship started growing into something more

I knew it, we are becoming something more than friends

You said you just needed time to make sure you’re ready

You said you know I always wanted assurance

And you want to give me that before pursuing me

I won’t deny, you are not hard to fall in love with

You are everything a girl would want

You embraced my flaws

You calmed my storm

You understand how a mess I can be

How sometimes I can have a whirlwind of emotions

You were still there

You made me feel loved even more

I am beyond blessed to have you

You make everything worthwhile

You make everything easier

I am thankful that you make me feel loved everyday

I am thankful for you

And I am glad that we both tried 

I am contented in what we are and what we have

Of all the risks I took, you are the most worth it

You will forever be my always

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