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So I am currently involved in an almost relationship. What is this almost relationship? It is a relationship for the cowards; two people who are both afraid.

One person is afraid to commit because of the fear that he will make her partner hate love if they won’t work out. The other person is also afraid, afraid to let him go and fall into her misery again.

They both wanted the 3Cs brought about by the almost relationship: convenience, companionship and comfort.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

  1. Convenience- since there is no commitment between the partners, they can live as single people. They can attend to their own business, with minimal restriction or supervision from the other party.
  2. Companionship- though single in nature, you will always have that someone to call or talk to. You have your travel buddy, food buddy and grocery buddy.
  3. Comfort- you have the assurance that you will have a fallback in the present. If the relationship will work out, then it’s great. If it will not, then nothing to lose so much because you are not together in the first place.

I don’t suggest this kind of relationship because of the gray areas and boundaries you cannot cross. It also brings more anxiety because of the sense of being temporary in someone’s life.

If someone had been in this kind of relationship, can you share your experience and its outcome? I would be glad to read about them.

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