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Hi, how are you? Hope you’re doing well. I’ve missed you (as a friend syempre)😂
I’ve been seeing some shared post of yours and I just realized that this guy (you) used to like me a lot as I liked him (you) too.
I know that you start seeing or liking or even pursuing other woman now, and I just want to tell that’s good for you.
Perhaps, I’m happy for you. And yes you’re right, you are worth it. I know and I’ve seen that when we’re together (I mean whenever we go out😂)
Yes, you deserve to be loved the way you give love and I’ve witnessed how caring and understanding you are. I’m just thankful that I met someone like you. You always make effort. You always make time just to be with the person you love. And that’s what I liked about you.

Yes, I’m the problem. It’s me.😂
I know that, bc you didn’t just like me but you want to pursue me and yet it’s me who’s not ready that time. I just let you to do this and that and so on. So yeah, I’m the problem.
Anyway, that was before. I just want you know that I’m still thankful to you. You made me realize how to be more understanding. You made me realize how important time is. You taught me to have more patience when waiting as it’s worth the wait. As for me, I think I become more matured now. And you’ve been part of it. ‘Cause you made me realized a lot of things. Thanks God, He allowed us to meet. So, I guess I am now ready for the next lesson.

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