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Soft hearted person is the one who always get hurt. They can’t say no to those people that are dear to them. But the question is, are they caring the same way that you care for them?

Different people different perspective. Actually for people who cares for other does not bother if they will get the same treatment as long as they know that it is needed from them. It is natural for them to show this care because they are brought up like this. Or sometimes they don’t experience this so as much as possible they will offer this to others. They know exactly the feeling and they do not want for others to feel that way. In this world that we are living in, it is normal to get hurt and we need to accept it.

But please just a little reminder: they are the best people in the world. They won’t let you down even if it will tear them down. They will help you even if they needed the most help. They will encourage you even though they need encouragement too. They will make you happy even if they can’t smile for themselves. They will cry with you even if they are broken into pieces. They will save you from mess even if they do not know if they can fight their demons in their own. In short they will never leave and will do everything fo you.

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Appreciate the little things about them because for them it is the best reward after doing something for others. You cannot stop someone to care for you because it is already part of their system. You cannot change them just because you don’t like them. Be kind as you can and it would not make you any less. Loving someone is being ready to suffer pain and deal with this for the rest of your being. They don’t believe that “if you’re too caring, you’ll end up hurting”. They know and trust the process that every pain has correpondent happiness and they are just waiting for good karma.

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