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Moon and Sun Love’s story

The moon and sun have been lovers for a long time.
The moon relies on the Sun’s brightness to give light to the world.
And, even distance and space are keeping them apart.
They adore each other and are willing to wait for the eclipse to be with each other’s hands.
They both shine in each field they belong to.
They prove that they co-exist together to make the world beautiful.
They prove that even time is not a hindrance to express their affection.
The sun shines in the morning and moon light at night.
They prove that even though they are far differ from each other they are still Inlove.
The sun is giant and admired by a lot and the moon is shy stays at room all night.
They prove that even if they are miles apart love exists.
The sun is a living proof of poetry and moon is a master of arts.
They shine together and live happily ever after.


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