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Life in a state of survival
Living in a world full of uncertainties.
Trusting oneself is a must.
The process is not easy.
You need to accept the imperfect things about yourself.
Your Broken heart and crushed soul are caused by a lot of things.
You became a wanderer of this world.
You traverse just to find your place to be called home.
You give your trust easily and it sweeps you away from reality.
You are pure in giving love even in the end you are shattered into pieces.
You are a kind and innocent soul who longs to be cared for.
You are unique and one of a kind yet you think yourself unworthy.
But, trust me.
You are more than enough.
You are stronger than what you think.
You are a source of strength to all the people who love you.
You are valuable and treasured by your family.
May you see your soul in a beauty that no need to compare.
May you see your worth a thousand times more than your broken self.
May you remind yourself that it’s okay to feel not okay.
May you feel that even in your deepest despair there is Someone who loves you beyond compare.


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