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Have you ever felt lost? Like before you are very certain of what you want, what you would like to be and your plans are all laid accordingly. But then in just a snap of a hand, it all turned upside down. You lost your job. You felt your boyfriend seems to ignore you and is not giving you the support you need so you broke up with him. You don’t want your family to see you broke AF because you want to maintain your “i-can-handle-everything” image. You start finding a new job yet the corporate world seems to give you a real struggle. You felt that you need to please everyone to see your worth. You need to add extra effort to meet their standards. You’re always trying to be that someone everybody expects you to be.

And eventually, you got tired. Tired to a point that you realized that you should stop thinking and impressing people thus, you should start loving yourself. You learned that for you to appreciate the beauty of life, you should appreciate yourself first. You should stop pressuring yourself and let God do his work and plans for you. Learn the art of waiting. Not all the things you want are also the best for you. God knows what shoes perfectly fit on you.

So for all the people that’s already been in this what they called quarter life crisis, be strong. Always remember that it’s not what other people think of you that matters, it’s what you think of yourself. Yes you will get hurt, unlovable and unimportant but eventually you will rise again but with a bigger smile and open heart. Always remember that even you felt everyone left you, you will always have people that will choose to stay and struggle with you. Cheer up and let your heart filled with positivity. As Catriona Gray said, see situations with a silver lining. Love love ❤️

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I am still in the phase of struggling but I am looking forward to get back on track again. Aja!

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