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She loved dangerous people

Without knowing her heart is breaking because of them

She loved the disappointments

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While carrying the feeling of being lost

She loved all the dark days and nights

Without wishing not to wake up the next morning

She loved the pain

With her soft and good heart

She loved peace

Without having second thoughts if it was just silence

She loved the kind of person she is

With all the problems and uncertainties

She loved feeedom

Without knowing she can set herself free

But she will get through

Because she was strong enough to love the wrong people

She will get through

Because all she ever did was to love

Even if there are some who cannot give her the love she deserves

And maybe, after she gets the pain out of her system

She will still be the person who knows exactly how to love and care for you after she sees your downfall

I know because I belive in her

And she is amazingly rare

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