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Arise, my beloved

Though winter has come

And you felt you have none

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Remember, you have the One


Arise, my beloved

Though sadness stole your youth

Don’t worry, soon you’ll have your fruit

Just let Me take care of your roots


Arise, my beloved

Though you may feel you’re failing

And you’re tired of waiting and trying

Don’t worry I’m working on it while you are sleeping


Arise, my beloved

Don’t believe you have nothing to offer

I designed you to prosper

If you would just let Me take over


Arise, my beloved

It may be painful to see someone leaving

And it may seem something is missing

Aha! A space, I’ll do the filling


Arise, my beloved

Lay down your burdens and be free

My beautiful one, come with Me

Soon, I’ll show you the victory


My beloved, please come home. I’m waiting for you. I still love you, even at your darkest…

-Heavenly Father

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