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A lot of us, admit it or not, are letting ourselves be overpowered by negativity. I myself have a lot of regrets in my entire life, I regret those times which I should’ve done something I really wanted but I doubted myself and lacked confidence. I never trusted my instincts, decisions, and choices. I used to consult everything to other people. I regret how I had to let go of the opportunities due to my low self-esteem. I had a strong mind but I never trusted my guts, I always had this uncertainty of my abilities,  and it felt like I failed without even trying.

Try to trust yourself, your skills & abilities for once, if you fail at least you have tried.

“Don’t worry about failures, Worry bout the chances you miss when you don’t even try”

Start believing in yourself. Wake up saying, I can! I am able! and I am capable. Let positivity start in your mind. Think about your strengths, and focus on them. Trust your own decisions. Let positivity flow in your bloodstream! Keep believing!

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