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Nowadays, people have been smart in terms of choosing their partners. Kaya lang minsan sobra na eh. The problem with us people is that we have this thing called “standards”, bes wag mo ideny. You know, there’s nothing wrong with having the ideals of who we want to be with, there’s really nothing wrong with that, pero bes, what’s wrong is that when you know to your whole self that you already want the person, but then you push him away. Why? because he missed a thing or two in your checklist? Lalo na sa looks, nako bes don’t me. I’ve been there.

Try to break down your walls, gawin mong fence nang makita mo kung ano o sino ang nasa harap mo. Have an open heart and mind, see what the person can offer. Be accepting of what people can give you and try to snap out of your little fantasy that you will find someone perfect, because you won’t find any. Sige ka, tatanda kang mag isa. It takes courage lang bes, try to bet on love. If matalo ka, at least you have tried. It’s better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all.

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