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I saw you there.
Laughing and all smiles with everyone.
Seems like you were a happy person.

In a second, you noticed me.
You smiled at me like how you smiled at them.
But, you were really not.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Your eyes were devoid of joy.
They were filled with sadness and loneliness.
Then you realized and avoided my gaze.

I was perturbed.
Why must you let yourself isolated?
You were surrounded, I was not.

I should be the one feeling that,
But here I am, still thinking.
To reach out for you or not.

The moment I decided,
My first step was forward
I don’t know why, but I touched your cheek.

Moving myself closer,
You were startled but still smiles.
Then I said words only us can hear.

“Please keep your smile away.
I know that you are in pain.
No need to hide it from me.

Please keep your sanity.
Don’t let them ruin you.
For they may rob what little you have.

Please, just cry it out.
Don’t masked them with happy smiles.
For there may be a shoulder you’ll lean on.

Please, just please…
Even if you see none…
Look up and you’ll find One.”

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