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I have been wondering 


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and Why Not? 

Why are you making me feel this way? 

Why are you being so sweet?

Why did you date me on valentines? 

Why made me special? 

Why did you make me feel like you’ve done stuffs with me for the first time? Cause honestly you told me so. Why? 

Was it bec after years of being not together, I stayed? or

Was it because you knew that even if you screw up I’ll always be there;

Accepting your flaws and imperfections 

Most importantly,

I’ll be there waiting..

Waiting for you to mend yourself

Waiting for you to make a decision

Waiting for you to risk

Waiting for you to finally put a label in us

Because you said you have to have atleast enough to settle with someone

But I was really wondering, Why not? 

Why not make me not feel this way.

Why not being not so sweet?

Why not make me not feel special? 

Why not stop caring? 

Why not pursue me? 

Why not don’t risk? 

Why not put a label? 

Why not love me the way I have loved you?

Why not tell me that you’re just screwing things with me? 

Why not tell me I was just a past time? 

Why not tell me..

Why not love me?  

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