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Have you ever wondered what is your purpose in life?

Are you in the right path from where you are right now?

What’s  your heart and soul desire?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Me? I feel nothing. I am not myself anymore.. who am I? I feel stuck, I am a jobless person and don’t know what job is for me and I am on my verge of my 20’s so I’m like a ticking bomb. I know I have to move, get a job I want but how? I am so stressed and depressed.

I cry my heart out but these endless tears of mine won’t dry out 🙁 Yes I am tired, tired to face another day same routine. Yeah, I have a live in partner for 7 years, a son who’s 6 years old. of course I’m happy, be a full time mom, I gave up everything, be in his world leave mine. 🙁 until I felt unhappy. (I am happy with my son of course.) So maybe that’s why I’m like this?

I questioned God many times where am I supposed to be? and yet God not answered me yet, He remained silent unto this day. I’ve been waiting for his answers  I pray and I pray everyday that I wish I can find my true-self  be genuinely happy and success in life.

I know that God is silently watching me, I know that he’s preparing me in his ways to be blessed and aim high in career he wants me in to be.  I choose to fight my sadness even if its hard just hold to He’s promise, He will never let you down. take courage and have faith.


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