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Picture out a circle, that represents the real you. But there is a problem, there’s circle around your circle. Maybe you don’t want people to see your flaws because of the fear of rejection. And that is the circle of shame — it covers the real you

You feel that if you reveal to them the real you, the society will not accept you, but also you don’t want them to see that you’re ashamed so you create another circle that engulfs the circle around the circle. And that is your mask — the personality that you build to be accepted in society.

Shame and guilt are different, guilt is being concerned with your mistakes. But shame is thinking that you are a mistake. Shame makes you think that we are incapable of doing what we’re good at. It’s like being lonely and anxious at the same time.

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But there is a person that really loves us, He gave his life so that we will be free from that shame. And that is Jesus.

He looks at the heart, unlike people who look at the outside. He sees the real you and He breaks the chains of shame for you to be real.

Shame obstructs us to become authentic, but God has the power to free us from shame. God is for the shame-filled.

If you think no one will accept you, just look at Jesus. He is waiting for you to come back and He will accept you no matter how dark your past is.

You may be struggling from the battle against shame, you don’t need to fight anymore, all you have to do is to be honest with God and He will free you from shame.

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