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T H R E E (020119)

Three years ago,
we had a practice for our prom ball.
It was the first day of the month of love
when we both wore the same color of shirt.
‘Twas black with a design of heart
mine’s heart was pure red
while yours was covered with vines.
What a coincidence indeed.

Three days before the event,
I had my first hand kiss from you
Stealing a kiss from an old-fashioned lady would be a turndown.
But somehow covertly,
I found myself feeling the heat rushing to my cheeks
that it took me awhile
to get my attention back on dancing.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Three days after our last practice,
prom night happened.
It was an enchanted moment
when you asked me to dance with you.
You were that ‘torpe’ kind of guy
who couldn’t utter a word without stumbling.
Nevertheless, I found myself getting attracted to you.

The third day of the third month of the year.
You had these pink scented roses with you
which until now were kept in my box.
Along with our friends and teachers,
you asked me to be yours.
It was surreal
since you never courted me
but my heart didn’t mind it
and took the risk of saying ‘yes’.

We spent almost three years together.
We shared happiness and sorrows
Lots of memories were collected.
Rides and beaches were our favorites.
We even exchanged our deepest secrets
like we thought we would last forever.

However, our love story was not a fairytale.
There were a lot of adversities we faced.
We tried and fought for our relationship.
I thought these problems would make us stronger.
But in the end, I was wrong.

Things were not the same.
College distanced us a hundred miles apart.
Arguing was our everyday communication.
Pleading was my kind of weapon.

Almost three months ago,
I decided to end ‘us’.
My heart got tired of battling for nothing.
I may have said goodbye
But you were the one who meant it.

And you know what I hate about you?
I gave you my everything
And did my very best to make you stay.
Nonetheless, you still left me like there’s no reason to hold on.

Up until now there’s a lot of questions
I’d like to ask you.
I still couldn’t fathom why leaving had been such an easy option to you
when all I wanted was you to chase me.

One night, I dreamed about you.
It was actually a kind of nightmare.
You were with another girl
living together like a couple.
Cried the whole day, wept even in crowds.
Raging fire was visible on my eyes.
I wanted to yell and
point all the things I’d done to you.

You know the girl in my dream.
That was her
The one you told me was just your partner for an event.
And I’ve heard you were getting along together these days.

And you know what’s worst?
She looked like my yaya when I was five years old
Who, I caught,
was having an affair with my father
The very first man who broke my trust
And yes you did for the second time.

One thing I want to tell you.
If that dream was true,
Please don’t come back to me one day
realizing that I was the one for you.
Because one day these broken pieces of me
will become a masterpiece
and that very damn day
will be the day of your regret.

And now I understand.
It wasn’t a coincidence.
Mine was just really a pure red heart.
Until you came along
with your heart surrounded by vines.
An invasive one like a venomous snake
Ready to coil my heart
And poison what’s inside it.

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