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She stayed until past midnight, visited her for almost two years and no one knows when it will stop.
Actually it stopped before but came back from its grave.
It comes with a creepy sound, telling her that she has never been enough, she’s not worthy and not even loved by someone who she thought will stay. Nothing feels creepier than hiding in her dreams, those unsaid words.  She tried to  be engrossed in thoughts  with work, teaching her students, answering the modules, writing, taking photos of herself and the nature but still it didn’t work out.
She felt out of control, cried in silence and begging to stop those unwanted thoughts  as hard as it sounds. It comes out from nowhere, arrive with a whoosh and then, she is broken again for countless times. It always visits her and spends much time, but one night she was asking it to leave because everything left her with pain and she didn’t know who will stay. She begged to leave her alone, treat her as if uninteresting and unimportant, and leave her as if she was a stranger. She wanted it to leave but it stayed.   After all, it’s the only thing that stays in her life.

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